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กราบสวัสดีครับทุกๆท่านที่ติตามเพจโรงเรียนดนตรีกาญจนาของเราในเดือน ตุลาคมนี้ที่โรงเรียนของเราจะมี….สิ่งดีๆเกิดขึ้นอีกแล้วครับท่าน….
Maria Duo

Consisting of guitarists Shinobu Sugawara and Yoko Fujimori, the duo was formed in 2003. Their debut concert was held in Tokyo in the same year. Since then, the duo has been performing at various events and concerts throughout Japan as well as other countries. They also take the initiative in performing at hospitals, homes for the elderly, and prisons.

The name “Maria Duo” comes from the first letters of three Japanese words;“Magokoro (kindness) ,”“Risou (an ideal),”and“Ai (love).”With the duo’s feminine and encouraging playing, their performance is highly respected. Aside from their guitar playing, their concerts consist of singing, dancing, drumming, and gorgeous dresses. Their entertaining, joyful, and heartfelt concerts are also enjoyed as lecture concerts.
CD “Ave Maria” ‘Guitar favorite” were released.

Maria Duo believes in happiness, being healthy, joyfulness, love and gratitude. One of the major parts of the duo`s activities is to convey these beliefs to the audience. Like how smiles bring luck, joy grows inside cheerfulness. Joy brings gratitude, and love is to be cultivated. Joyfulness is a light, and love, only exists in brightness. And last but not least, as stated in the famous quotation“A sound mind in a sound body,”being healthy is one of the most important things in life. To perform a piece of music filled with love and gratitude, being healthy is just as important as practicing the instrument.

Living in an aging society, the Maria Duo, too, will grow old. The duo knows that they can be flashier, happier, and to play with more love, as there will be more wrinkles on their faces. They hope to spread cheerfulness, love, and dreams, encouraging as many people as possible, to follow their dreams, no matter how many obstacles they may have or how old they may be.

โปสเตอร์ Maria Duo


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